Energy efficient buildings

Energy efficient buildings

Run Efficient Save Money Work Happy Protect the Planet

Others change lightbulbs, we transform businesses.

Energy Saving Solutions

As North America’s most innovative energy optimization company, we design, develop, and deploy custom LED lighting and energy efficiency systems that reduce energy consumption, save money, and solve a wide range of performance challenges. When done right, an energy efficiency project can have an exciting impact on your business providing massive value beyond energy savings.?

Trusted by the best

We’ve partnered with some of the most well-known companies in the world (and thousands of smaller ones). Our award-winning LED retrofit and energy-efficiency projects are transforming operational performance across industries in all 50 states and Canada.

Statistics showing PEC project success.

Good lighting is good for business

Run efficient

Our solutions are custom-designed to maximize your operational performance. Our projects measurably outperform existing systems (and the competition) they can increase production and reduce OPEX while extending the lifetime of your lighting systems.

Save Money

Our projects consistently save more money for our customers, increase cash flow, and free up funds for reinvestment. By masterfully tailoring your projects we maximize energy savings, secure the greatest incentives possible, and eliminate maintenance costs.?

Work Happy

Our solutions will help you boost employee morale, improve worker safety, and increase productivity. These projects have immediate and tangible benefits that go well beyond energy savings – improving the work lives of facility managers and their teams.

Protect the planet

These energy saving projects have a global impact. Our projects help you meet your sustainability goals and reduce your carbon footprint. Our expertise will ensure you maximize the potential of your energy waste reduction projects.

How we create impact

Lighting design technical photometric depictions

Energy Audit

During an energy audit, we evaluate your lighting energy use from every angle. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of your space, we can present customized solutions for your business and its employees.

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Lighting design software - photometrics

Lighting Design

We work in 3D. This helps everyone at the table visualize the real impact we can make on your environment. We apply lighting science and photometrics to ensure every inch of space has the right light

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Manufacturing facility before and after LED lighting project

LED Retrofit

We believe nothing can transform a work environment like modern lighting. And few things can strengthen your balance sheet like the energy-saving potential of an LED retrofit.

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Project planner depecition

Project Management

Our project management team will expertly guide your project from beginning to completion. They will take of everything from materials and install, to incentives and warranties

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Alaska Airlines - SeaTac hanger smart lighting project

Control Systems

Take advantage of advanced lighting control systems that adjust lighting or HVAC to fit your needs. These intelligent systems ensure lighting and HVAC is utilized how and when you want. Deep diagnostic data offers in depth performance analysis and can avoid failures and emergency service calls by monitoring units and staying on top of key performance metrics.

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See the impact

Armed with a deep understanding of modern lighting technologies our team uses a unique process to design effective lighting systems that generate massive long-term savings. When your work environments reach their full potential the future looks bright! Dim, unoptimized workplaces become vibrant, energy-saving spaces that bring a wide range of operational, and financial performance improvements.

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Poorly lit Jeld wen facility before LED lighting projectBrightly lit Jeld wen facility after LED lighting project

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poorly lit Jeld wen facility before LED lighting projectBrightly lit Jeld wen facility after LED lighting project

Proven & Trusted

Proven & Trusted